Maintaining Yanmar’s forward-thinking vision, the SA Series compact tractors have been built around fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly diesel engines to deliver unprecedented levels of power, performance and economy.

The emissions-compliant Yanmar diesel engine used in the larger SA424 develops 19 kW at a rated 3,000 rpm for additional power and performance, a top speed of 22 km/h while providing class-leading fuel economy. A large capacity fuel tank again ensures that the machine can be operated for long periods without refuelling. If the engine produces the power, then the transmission is the means by which it is put where it counts: in the axles, in the tyres and in the implements.

Yanmar makes all the major drivetrain components - the engine, transmission and axles - in-house. And because they’re made together to work perfectly together, you get a hardworking machine with more useable horsepower, less power loss and a smoother, more comfortable ride. We call it Performance Link Technology™. You’ll call it invaluable